2014 is being called “the year of the butt”! Also for men and male butt enhancement…

The media now-a-days portrays men and women as being “perfect”. Girls and even men are trying to achieve that “perfect butt” to either make themselves feel better, look better and to attract partners. Butt lifts are designed to give person’s backside a perkier and rounded look.

Female and Male Butt Enhancement

This type of surgery has become more and more popular over the years with more than 100% increase in buttocks injections during the last decade! Butt lifts were unheard of 5-10 years ago. This type of procedure is done in 1 day and afterwards people go through quite a bit of “pain in the butt” for a week or longer.

Men and woman of all backgrounds found that simply working out to obtain the type of butt enhancement they want just wasn’t enough. The most recent trend that has been noticed is male butt augmentation procedures. The percentage of men undergoing this type of procedure rose from 2.2% to about 6.2% percent within the past 5 years! Many men will seek butt augmentations after trying to obtain the perfect buttocks for years.

Typically the plastic surgery procedure to obtain a better looking butt consisted of hard silicone implants that mimic and feel like an actual real butt. Because technology improves all the time, a newer and better solution is now being done to obtain the same look. Fat transfers are the newest trend to enhance the buttocks region. This is done by taking fat from other areas of the body and injecting it into the butt keeping the symmetry size and shape the patient has in mind. This change in procedure has been designed because more people would rather have something natural in there body over having a foreign object that years down the road could cause serious issues or problems to their body.

Usually all plastic surgeons doing this are board certified and have years of experience in the field. They have extensive amounts of portfolios showing before and after pictures as well as testimonials from their patients providing reassurance. When looking for the right plastic surgeon to perform a procedure such as butt lifts, make sure to do your research and obtain their portfolio pictures as well as the testimonials from recent patients that will provided evidence of their work. Also, keep in mind how long the surgeon has been practicing for as well as what their credentials are to perform these types of procedures.

A few of this so called “surgeons” are not certified and many men and women across the globe are getting seriously injured and even dying from these procedures! So BEWARE!

If you are interested in learning about a natural, safe, non-invasive and inexpensive alternative to these butt augmentation procedures, research our internationally known product, Glutimax! We have had an unbelievable success rate with Glutimax for 7 years now with MEN and WOMEN. We are getting many re-orders, testimonials, referrals, etc. This product does also maintain an under 1% return ratio. Try it now and see results within just weeks!


The Glutimax Blog Team

New butt implants on Iggy Azalea? The Iggy talk is STILL all about butt implants, is it true?
Sandra Gonzalez in Long Beach, CA administering unlicensed "butt enhancement" injections which resulted in the death of her customer.
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