Five Best Butt Enhancement Cream Product Reviews For 2019

A naturally round and firm butt is such the craze the women are tirelessly exercising and using beauty products to get one. Women don’t want a skinny little buttock anymore. While men may still find a petite butt attractive, they like big ones too. And so do the women!

butt enhancement

You see a famous celebrity or movie star and you want a butt just like the one she has. There are a lot of women looking for a natural way to get a better butt without getting medical procedures done.

These procedures are dangerous as things can go wrong. Not to mention, they’re expensive too. The natural safe alternative is to use booty enhancement creams.

This alternative is safe without any side effects and you don’t have to spend a ton of money. After surgery, you need to go through recovery which can be painful and very time consuming. You could try butt pads, but how embarrassing would these be? And they might not fit properly. These butt pads won’t look natural and no man will be attracted to this.

Now in 2019, there are several enhancement creams for you to apply to your butt that you can review and consider. It’s vital that you choose one that really works! One that is proven and trusted. Some of these “fly-by-night” products can have some adverse effects. So we are going to go over the best ones you can find today.

There are a few that really work and have offered women and men good results. Here in this review you will find the 5 best enhancer products and the most effective ones on the market. Before we jump in to the review, lets touch on some items to keep in the back of your head.


Best Butt Enhancement Cream

We’ll get into the pros and cons of each reviewed product. The reviews shown below are from real. They were found online from people who’ve actually used the product.

Things You Should Look At When Considering To Purchase Enhancement Creams

  • Good things come to those who wait… for results. You need to religiously be using the product and have some patience. These booty creams have been used for decades now and will work. No products like this will give you instantaneous results. But having patience, perseverance and dedication will help you reach your enhancement goals.
  • If you are considering a particular product, be optimistic. We’d suggest looking to see if it is guaranteed in case you are unhappy. Also if the claims are unrealistic and hard to believe, it could just be hyped up advertising which some one call a scam.
  • Pay attention to the suggested directions and follow through with the product. If the company is suggesting using the product for 8 weeks or longer, follow through. This makes perfect sense and don’t give up meanwhile. Stick with in and the results will start to become noticeable. Keep in mind this is an all natural lotion, not a surgical procedure with instant results. And all the while you’re saving money and not facing surgical side effects.

1. Glutimax

This brand seems popular and has helped many women, and men they say, increase their butt size. They claim an up to 28% increase in size but the average is probably more like 17% which seems attainable and realistic. Currently it has a 4.3 / 5 star rating. It contains a 100% all natural ingredient list such as Maca, Aloe, Damiana, Niacinamide, Saw Palmetto and much more.

It also has Vitamin E and Cassia Oil which is known to keep the skin healthy. The product will tighten the skin as well and help you retain fatty acids, increase volume and decrease collagen loss. It is also very gentle and won’t irritate the skin in any way. Lastly, this is one of the oldest and most reputable products out there. It was introduced to the market in 2007.




  • Tremendous success rate with great reviews online
  • Doing reputable and trustworthy business since 2007
  • Helps firming, shaping and lifting the butt
  • Pleasant hint of cinnamon fragrance
  • Completely 100% all-natural enlargement
  • Made in the USA
  • Secure shopping cart


  • Is a little bit higher of a price than some others
  • No guarantee policy if customers do not purchase directly through the website (Buy Via eBay, Amazon, Etc)
  • There is a small shipping fee

Our Review Take Away: As Glutimax seems to be the most popular and it is guaranteed, it’s a trusted product and company. It is not very expensive and offers tiered pricing. The more supply you purchase at once, the cheaper you can get it for per unit. Regardless of the pricing, it is still a very small cost compared to getting surgery which is thousands of dollars. You probably won’t get the beauty results you would from surgery, but the product can actually help. According to reviews, the booty product is well liked and has an under 1% return ratio. Many consumers keep ordering it over and over again.


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2. Gluteboost

We like the look of this product and the color of the label as well. It’ll boost your glutes and help you firm your buttocks and plump it up. It stimulates fat cells in the targeted areas and will help you get a fuller butt. It’ll take 2-3 months so get some more junk in the trunk. There seems to be pills as well as a cream. They suggest to use both simultaneously for an even faster outcome.




  • Formula of 100% natural ingredients
  • Helps to get a fuller buttocks and get a plump backside figure
  • Good success rate


  • Very expensive
  • Even though typical, several reviewers online say it doesn’t work

Our Review Take Away: We would recommend this product as it has had a great track record and has effective ingredients. The volufine is popular and effective in combination with the other components. It can also help combat stretch marks and cellulite because of other potions of the formula. Consumers seem to be happy with the product when mostly claiming it takes about 2-3 months to see anything much.


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3. IsoSensuals Curve Firming & Plumping

This product has a lot of reviews on big brand sites. We aren’t sure if all of these reviews are true or fixed, it is difficult to know for sure. The product has been around for quite awhile now which does make it trustworthy.

The product packaging isn’t really striking by any means, perhaps even a bit outdated. But that certainly doesn’t mean that the enhancer product doesn’t work and nobody should care too much. We think what is important is the reputation of the brand and if the company stands behind their product or not.




  • Helps you get a fuller buttocks
  • Pleasant cucumber scent
  • High rate of reviews


  • Cream works very slowly
  • Extremely expensive booty enhancement product

Our Review Take Away: Again its really about if the product is proven to work and has a trustworthy history. The results maybe slow but hopefully steady if you stick with it. There are a ton of reviews about this cream and could be a good choice.

There are quite a few women who claimed in the reviews that it did not work for them. We’d think that these products won’t work for 100% of women. But even if a decent % of them obtain noticeable results then the product is worth trying.


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4. Major Curves aka MC Enlargement Cream

This is another long-time player in the fuller buttocks industry. This brand has a bunch of online reviews as well which points to the product being actively promoted and used. This product can help you create a fuller and bigger buttocks. Like the others, it claims to be 100% all natural with safe ingredients.

major curves



  • Good ratings
  • Enhance volume in buttocks and thighs
  • No dangerous side effects


  • Suggests using pills with the enhancement cream for results
  • Works very slowly within 6 months

Our Review Take Away: This product has some fantastic components such as Maca and green tea leaf extract. Simply massage it into the skin thoroughly just as the other brands suggest to do. It claims to help you get a firm, larger and rounder buttocks within 6+ months.

Many consumers claimed to have seen results sooner. The majority of them said they noticed results after 4-6 months. Like we previously said, you must stick to it. It will take some patience and time, but it all can be worth it. It seems as though they also offer related pills or capsules in addition to the bottle of beauty cream.


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5. Booty Magic Butt Cream

This product had a popular rating online too and the packaging is elegant. Based on the reviews, we determined this would be an effective choice as well. It seems to be working for many of the consumers buzzing about it. The brand says to use the pills in conjunction with their cream for even faster results. The issue here is that many consumers don’t care and simply refuse to ingest capsules or pills. Not to mention these can have adverse side effects.

booty magic

This product has an ingredient, Maca Root, which is an important herbal component for giving your butt a rounder and firmer look while toning your butt.



  • Tones the buttocks
  • Elegant Packaging
  • All natural ingredients
  • Bottle is a 60-day supply


  • Expensive
  • Requires pills for best results

Our Review Take Away: Does the cream actually work? As they suggest using it with the pills for the best booty results, it can work. Many consumers online say it has helped them and have posted positive reviews on many different online platforms.

You should notice at the minimum, some results, after using it for 3-4 months. Perhaps sooner if you don’t mind ingesting the pills, but many don’t like this. We can’t blame them! Also needing both the capsules and cream dramatically increases the price. The cream is natural and has ingredients that help enlarge, curve and tighten the booty. Like the other reviewed creams, you need to stick to it for the results!


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Best Butt Exercises to Firm And Tone Your Backside

Exercise your booty hard and stay dedicated: The butt is just another body muscle that needs care and can be toned if targeted and strengthened with the right exercise. It takes many days of hard work to tone the butt and make it firm. Apart from the pleasant feeling of fitting into skinny jeans, a toned and robust butt increases hip and spine support and improves body alignment. Stay hydrated and drink a lot of water while following these exercises that will result in firmer and rounder butt muscles and hips.


butt workout


Squats are the easiest and most common exercises for butt toning. To do the squats, spread your feet related at hip width and squat to a ninety-degree angle and then back to standing position. You should always ensure that your heels are pressed to the floor to avoid squatting on your toes. Another way to do squats is the hold and pulse in which case you move up and down at the ninety-degree angle position before standing up. You can also do the jump squat, which requires you to jump as high as possible with your arms over your head while still maintaining the right angle. When squatting, try to push your butts backward, planting your feet to the floor, and keeping your back straight. Beginners can do two sets of twenty squats and add to the count as they progress.

Bridges / Hip Lifts

For the bridges, lie on your back and bend your knees while planting your feet firmly on the floor. Then lift your hips towards the ceiling as high as you can and squeeze the buttocks inwards before resuming the previous position on the floor. Another way to do the bridges is to bend one knee and leave the other straight on the floor. Lift your hips and elevate the straight leg until it is at the same level as the thigh of the bent leg. You can also hold onto the straight leg in the air for about ten seconds before bringing it back to the original position. If you choose to bend only one leg, always remember to alternate the legs equally among the sets. The bridges are suitable for ab and leg toning as well as the buttock.

Lunges & Plies

For the lunges, spread your legs at the width of the shoulder while standing and with your feet pointing straight. Put your hand up closing your chin and squat down to keep the knees behind the toes and repeat the exercise interchanging the legs. You can also extend on leg behind you, and bend the other to a right angle and maintain that position for about forty-five seconds before alternating. To do a plie, stand with the feet spread more extensive than the shoulder width, toes outward, back straight and arms in front of you and go down to a squatting position. Lift yourself to stand using the butt and repeat the moves in quick succession.

Kettle Swing & Dumb Bells

Want to cart around some dumbbells? Stand with your feet spread to the width of your hips and hold the kettle bell in your front. Then bend forward without tilting the knees to a forty-five-degree angle at the waist and swing the kettle bell lifting it to navel height. You can substitute the kettle bell with standard dumbbells of the same weight. Holding the weights at your side, spread one leg straight to the side and squat with the other keeping the bent knee above the toes. Repeat the exercise while alternating the legs and position of the dumbbells. You can also use the dumbbells to do the squats and the side lunge exercises for better and faster enlargement.

Hip Rotations

This exercise not only tones the butt but also is a hip enhancer. Do the exercise on all fours, with the palm under the shoulders and finger in a forward position. The knees should be apart at the same width as the hips. Lift your knee towards the ceiling and extend the leg straight to the side. Count for ten seconds before bending your knee and returning it to the initial position. Repeat the moves evenly on both sides.

Achieving the desired results on your buttocks requires you to be consistent with your exercise. Always extend your work out time and the number of sets for each exercise as you progress. It is also essential to watch your diet so you can lose fat and have enough strength to endure the workouts.

Helpful Advice For Getting a Bigger Butt

There are some creams, lotions and serum that will work to increase those curves.
You should be using these useful products religiously for results. For even faster results, incorporate the butt exercises we’ve illustrated here. Some of the popular butt enhancement cream products on the market have really helped consumers stay away from procedures and still obtain goals they’ve wanted to achieve. The products are so easy to use, just be sure to choose the right one that is known to be effective and reputable.

  • When you start doing aerobic exercises regularly, you’ll also start to get a thin and small waistline. To decrease your waistline and curve away some of the “love handles”, there are a bunch of different techniques and exercises to add to your lifestyle. Also while you’re obtaining a smaller waistline, this will make your buttocks look bigger!
  • Continue to use your butt enlargement cream supply daily at least two times per day. This is the suggested usage for the majority of these products. Glutimax butt cream always suggests to try to use it after bathing. This is a time when the pores in your skin and buttock area are “open” and will be more susceptible to the product.
  • Be certain that you’re diet is intaking tons of good protein. There are foods known for containing a lot of protein such as fresh meat, chicken and fish. Anything with a great source of protein can assist you to get a better and bigger butt.
  • Foods such as peanut butter, seeds, brain oil, sunflower oil, nuts and fish contain what is known as good fats. You want to incorporate these into your diet whenever possible, as much as possible. Ask a physician or research online about which fats are good for you and which ones are not.
  • Forget the elevators and escalators. Always go up or down stairs and skip a stair at-a-time. This will give your butt a little boost workout.

A Useful Takeaway

These butt cream products have been on the market for many years now. Our #1 pick to buy, obviously Glutimax, has been around since 2007. The majority of these brands come and go because they probably do not work. But some of them have been popular everywhere, even in Europe and other countries. We’ve been shipping Glutimax to customers in over 50 countries. As you may be hesitant to try these products and you do end up trying one, you’ll be happy you did when you achieve some results. Even though the booty change can be gradual, just keep at it.

The reviewed beauty products here are known to have helped the butts of so many people. They are all known to be 100% herbal and natural with no hazard or side effects to your health. Also we’d encourage you to choose a product that offers some type of guarantee.

If you integrate butt exercises into your normal routine, you will get to where you want to be faster. Apply any bottle of this cream to get a great boost. Surgery is so expensive and potentially so harmful and dangerous not to mention the pain. Buy a proven natural herbal alternative approach first.

Are you using one of these creams?

Be sure to comment below and let us know your thoughts. This could be useful for consumers looking at other product reviews.


The Glutimax Blog Team

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lillian bezel
lillian bezel
5 years ago

hey guys I’ve been using the booty magic for a while now, 2 months. still waiting to see more of somethin ;D

Miss Yuki Diamond
Miss Yuki Diamond
5 years ago

Hello! where can i order the cream please?

kim golden
kim golden
5 years ago

deez booty creams are litty ?

Stephanie Reine
Stephanie Reine
5 years ago

hey I’ve been using your glutimax for a few months now and its “kicking ass” ?