Betty Pino dies from butt enhancement complications

Radio celebrity Betty Pino has died due to complications with her butt implant procedures.  This is actually pretty common these days believe it or not. Betty Pino had battled with a variety of procedures for years. It wasn’t until she tried to have everything fixed once and for all, she died. The infection simply got the best of her. This has been another wake up call for the public. This really reminds everyone of dangerous these types of procedures can really be.

There are so many risks involved with butt enhancement procedures. Generally there are 4 procedures that are done…

1. Silicone butt implants: A standout amongst the most well-known sorts of inserts, silicone requires a more obtrusive surgery contrasted with injectable alternatives. Shockingly, silicone can solidify over the long haul and cause uneasiness and distortion. This has accelerated people searching out fluid silicone infusions which are illicit in the United States. Fluid silicone is not a prescribed approach to improve the butt as the silicone can relocate into different regions of the form and cause irritation.

2. Fat Injection: Otherwise called the Brazilian Butt Lift, fat infusion is a standout amongst the most well-known types of butt implants seen in the United States. For this system, abundance fat is taken from somewhere else in the form (normally the hips, mid-region, or thighs), decontaminated, melted, and infused into the rump. New Image demonstrates the dangers connected with fat infusion itself are low; then again, it is the liposuction before hand which can reason scarring, tissue expiration, draining, and an assemble up of liquid inside the form.

3. PMMA: Pmma, or polymethyl-methacrylate, is a sort of butt implant reputed to be Artefill. While this sort of growth item is lawful in the U.s., it is amazingly costly, taking a toll upwards of $100,000 for medicine. Due to the expense, numerous people pick to have this method done outside of the nation where it may not be carried out up to sanitation principles.

4. Hydrogel Injections: Hydrogel is not affirmed for utilization in the United States, yet because of its ubiquity, people can promptly find unlicensed work force to infuse the result, or can even buy home infusion packs themselves. The injectable result is contained 97.5 percent water with a modest measure of Polyacrylamide. Despite the fact that recognized the minimum exorbitant of butt inserts, hydrogel is not managed and in this way can hold various contaminants. Also, having the strategy done via untrained people can altogether expand the danger for genuine infection.

Butt Enhancement

While every method conveys with it dangers particular to the substance being utilized, butt implants when all is said in done have some extremely genuine dangers. Not only are there risks associated with the anesthesia such as respiratory failure and cardiac arrest, because of the location of incisions, the risks of a thromboembolism are increased.

Thromboembolisms are blood clots which shape and afterward break detached, entering the blood stream. These masses can venture out to the heart, cerebrum, or lungs and cause genuine health issues, even death. Laying still for amplified times increases danger.

While Betty Pino’s autopsy report demonstrated just that her passing was the after effect of a surgical muddling, it is not astounding a tainting showed up given the truths and dangers with respect to butt implants and her long history with different procedures. If you are contemplating underrgoing one of these procedures, perhaps embrace the thought of an all natural alternative. Glutimax is the world renowned revolutionary butt enhancement cream that was designed as a safe and all natural alternative for women and men who were considering undergoing dangerous and expensive buttocks enhancement surgery or injections.


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