Brazilian Butt Lift Dangers – More Gone Wrong In Rio De Janeiro

What is a Brazilian butt lift? Abbreviated as a BBL, these are considered to be more of a “natural” alternate approach to silicone implants. Under general anesthetic, this invasive surgical procedure involves liposuction which collects from problem areas such as thighs, waist, your back, etc. What the liposuction collects, they then clean and purify the substance. They then insert it into your butt and hips. This procedure can typically cost between $3000 and $12000 USD. The price will normally vary depending on WHO is doing the procedure and WHERE it is being performed.

Horror stories are all over the place about the many dangers associated with cosmetic surgery and a Brazilian butt lift. Yet despite this, many hundreds of people every day around the globe, who are unsatisfied with the way that they look, are in search of affordable services. They want to alter their appearance to achieve that perfect body. Generally, these are medically trained professionals that handle these procedures. While these procedures can be dangerous, even in the best of circumstances, they can also be downright nightmarish in other cases… sometimes resulting in death.

angela pedrosa

One such example has to do with a 26 year old mother of three named Angela Pedrosa. In 2018 she had travelled to Rio de Janeiro to receive a 300mL injection into both of her butt cheeks. Angela is an avid gym-goer whose body was beautiful to begin with. However she was still not happy with her appearance. She had wanted her buttocks to have extra lift in order to look bigger and sexier.

Many Women Still Want A Brazilian Butt Lift

Angela had mentioned her desire to several of her family members, who responded by trying to discourage her from going through with it. In addition to that, Angela had heard some frightening stories. Stuff like people who had ended up with botched procedures and even tales of death. She was still not discouraged though because like most people, she figured that those who suffered were just very unlucky. She didn’t think it would ever happen to her. And as you are reading this, keep that in mind.

These types of procedures are not uncommon and are performed every day around the world. Even so, gluteal fat grafting (as the trained doctors call it) has an estimated mortality rate of 1:3,000. This is quite high when you compare that with other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Unfortunately unbeknownst to Angela, the “surgeon” who came recommended to her by a friend was not actually a surgeon at all. It was a massage therapist named Simone Costa. Simone was advertising herself as being an affordable plastic surgeon who was willing to travel to her client’s residences. Simone completes the work for a price much lower than you would find in a proper medical center. We can see where this is an appealing prospect, but in a cautionary tale such as this one, the low price and the “travelling surgeon” are both red flags.

Indeed, Angela ended up getting much more than she had bargained for. Simone injected Angela’s butt-cheeks with silicone instead of hydrogel (what is supposed to be used). Silicone is generally considered safe for humans to use. However, many of the additives that go into such substances can be toxic. This is why silicone that is often used in medical and hospital settings is made specifically for such uses. This will ensure that toxicity is either minimal or completely non-existent. Simone, however, injected her victim with industrial silicone. We say “victim” and not “patient” because let’s face it, that is the reality of this situation!

Angela, while still trusting Simone, was wise and did use caution when she decided on having only 100mL for the first injection. She waited for a month and watched her body for any negative reactions. There were none and so she received the remaining 200mL, making a total of 300mL inside of her body. And within one hour of the sound round, her nightmare began.

Many Never Discuss Their Butt Lift Procedures

She had never told her family that she was going to go through with the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Instead she told them that she was just going for a massage as well as lymphatic drainage.

This back-fired when Angela’s mother, Ana Claudia, went to Angela’s house to visit with her. That was when she found her there with needles poking out of her bottom. Luckily for Angela, her mom found her in this condition. That sight alone must have been odd to her mom. Adding to that, her daughter was in severe pain. Any anger she may have felt toward her daughter for lying would undoubtedly have quickly been replaced with fear.

Her body was swelling up to twice its normal size as Angela was suffering from a nasty infection. It was literally eating the tissues, flesh and muscles in her body. We cannot imagine the pain.


So her mother phoned the ambulance and Angela was rushed to the hospital where the doctors found her to be septic. In an effort to stop the infection and to save Angela’s life, they pumped her body full of steroids and antibiotics while they cut the decaying cells out.

At one point she ended up having to be transferred to a different hospital because her condition was getting worse and worse. Even more terrifying to add to the pain, while the ambulance crew were speaking with her mother, Angela overheard them saying that she should pray because Angela would likely soon die due to the septic shock.

When interviewed by a popular magazine, Angela said that in that moment that she could only think of her children. She was begging God to not let her die.

She ended up spending 20 days in the hospital with severe pain that could not even be alleviated with morphine. Bedridden, in pain, and unable to do anything for herself, Angela (quite understandably) found herself falling into depression. The ordeal was not actually over yet either. But there was good news. The doctors said that they can rebuild her glutes for her. But unfortunately she will have to wait until the scars heal and soften before they can do so.

butt lift wounds

The phony doctor Simone was detained for a period of three months, but has since been out on bail. Hopefully she will learn her lesson. Since Angela’s encounter with Simone, Angela has had an operation in which fat deposits were taken from her thighs and used to rebuild her butt. It went alright at first, but not exactly as was hoped for. Her body ended up rejecting a portion of the transplanted deposits, something which the doctors found to be very alarming. As a result, they began to rot away and her left butt-cheek is still in need of more filler. So in the follow-up operation, the doctors will take some fat from her stomach and try to make each cheek level with each other again. This is something for which Angela must remain patient to happen.

Indeed there are many stories just like this one. Yet in the past five years, there has also been a rise in the number of butt enhancement procedures being sought and performed. A Brazilian butt lift is a risky thing to do, but you can reduce your risks to danger by thoroughly researching the surgeon you will be trusting. Never let just anyone touch you with a sharp object. You may be itching to get the procedure done and over with, but patience and thorough investigation are highly important when it comes to allowing anything foreign to enter into your body.

dangerous brazilian butt lift

Likewise, affordable prices will definitely draw most people but this is another thing to be wary of. Ask yourself, “why is the cost so low?”. Be very suspicious. Perhaps you’re going to get the bargain of a lifetime, but on the other side of that coin is potential death. It is very important to learn as much as you possibly can because your life matters far more than saving money.

There Are So Many Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures That Go Wrong

Stories like Angela’s are so abundant, in fact, that there is a group of surgeons who have been issuing warnings about the dangers associated with such procedures. They stress the importance of doing your research beforehand. Professional, licensed doctors helped to save Angela’s life. Thankfully they’ll also be able to help reconstruct her backside for her, which would be wonderful news! But Angela still worries that these surgeries may not go well. Only time will tell.

Additionally, the same surgeons that have been issuing warnings have also been working at investigating into the safety and risks of these types of procedures. They wonder if perhaps it’s just not worth it at all. However, there are millions of these types of cosmetic surgeries successfully performed with no negative effects. They have noticed a common theme within all of the horror stories: the person being trusted is always a phony offering cheap services. To be fair to the victims, these people usually put a lot of effort into looking legitimate on the outside. Having said that, there are red flags to watch out for.

In the end, thankfully Angela is going to be okay. We can all learn from her story and the many others like it. Even though it can be very expensive, nobody can deny that it is much better to wait patiently and save up your pennies to pay the larger sum for a medically trained professional. Be suspicious to anyone offering you cheap services. After all, we get what we pay for. Is a near-death (or actual death) experience really worth the small amount of money you would be saving?

want a bigger butt naturally

Lastly, there are other all-natural, safe and inexpensive alternative to getting a Brazilian butt lift. Have you heard about some of the popular butt enhancement cream products like Glutimax?


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