Butt Augmentation Injections Gone Wrong By Massage Therapist

Wow check this one out everyone! This massage therapist in Long Beach, CA was arrested on Thursday 02/16/17 for killing a woman who she gave butt augmentation injections to back in February 2014. This massage therapist goes by the name of Sandra Yaneth Slaughter, but her real name is Sandra Yaneth Pérez-Gonzalez. She is facing 1 count of first-degree murder said Ricardo Santiago who is with the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. The therapist’s bail amount was set at a whopping $2 million! We doubt she’ll be getting out unless she has some really deep pockets from all those dirty and dangerous butt injections she did. This girl is 45 years old and is facing LIFE in prison.


The poor victim’s name is Hamilet Suarez, age 36. On 02/12/14, Hamilet Suarez supposedly went to some salon for a massage. However before the massage began, she went into cardiac arrest. But as the details surrounding this day were inconsistent, the police initiated an investigation. This murder investigation has been going on since her death, for about 3 years now.

The cops and firefighters were called to Areli’s Beauty Salon on Pacific Avenue because Hamilet Suarez was under cardiac arrest. When the authorities had gotten there, CPR was being performed on Hamilet Suarez and then she was taken to the hospital where she later passed. The police were saying that this had occurred under suspicious circumstances.

butt augmentation injections

The authorities later discovered that Sandra Yaneth Pérez-Gonzalez had some space in this salon where she was performing illegal butt enhancement injections. Sandra Yaneth Pérez-Gonzalez has a license for being a massage therapist, not to perform butt augmentation injections! Also during all of this the police found medical equipment, drugs and chemicals used for these procedures. At the time back when this occurred in February 2014, Sandra Yaneth Pérez-Gonzalez was only arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Apparently there were advertising campaigns promoting these injections as well as massage therapy, facelifts and lip enhancement procedures as well. No shame…

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7 years ago

so sad i know =(

7 years ago

OMG what is the world coming to? I guess I’d try the glutimax instead lol

Sandra Kwakye
Sandra Kwakye
7 years ago

i need one

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