Butt Augmentation Procedure By Dr Miami & Rapper 2 Chainz Joins

This past Thursday, April 6th was clearly a “bring a rapper to work” kind of day to a butt augmentation procedure by Miami-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who is popularly known as Dr. Miami.

Enter this week’s rapper of choice, Atlanta’s very own 2 Chainz. Decked out in blue hospital scrubs, he seemed more excited about the prospects of the patient on the operation table waking up with a fat ass and smaller waist in a few hours than the young woman herself. Now obviously, for many reasons including the fact that we can’t trust him with sticking to his scheduled album release date, I wouldn’t upgrade him to Dr. status based on this single visit if I were you.

butt augmentation procedure

Also in a move that we’re sure does not qualify as normal medical protocol, especially for delicate surgeries, the rapper failed to trade in his gold chains for a cleaner, more sterile outfit during the operation.

From the videos which he posted on his Instagram account, @hairweavekiller, 2 Chainz was okay with swapping his own apparel for the full scrubs look. However, the rapper held on to his numerous gold chains which hang outside his scrubs throughout the duration of the video.


Trap math #prettygirlsliketrapmusic on the way !!! Don’t ask me guys I don’t know

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Yal thought I was playing haha

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There was not much controversy surrounding whether the patient had previously okayed the streaming and up-close view that the rapper gave the public of her procedure. Dr. Miami, who is also fondly referred to in the social media world as the Snapchat Surgeon, has been known to frequently film and upload explicit videos of his Brazilian butt enhancement surgeries such as this one.

The female patient gave her permission for the sharing of her surgery online according to TMZ. She also permitted the presence of the surgery commentator and smartphone recorder, 2 Chainz, who was on hand to offer his observations and share his thoughts on why these butt lifts cause men like him to enjoy “beating from the back all the time”.

In eyes of the general public, there was nothing routine about the butt augmentation procedure which cost this woman, $10,000. 2 Chainz offered his local female fans the opportunity of their own butt lifts, using his available spend account of the $40,000 he’d carried in cash. He allegedly put down the money to cover the surgery costs for four similar butt lifts, which some undisclosed ladies will receive through the same surgical procedure he was present for.

Formerly known as Tity Boi, 2 Chainz officially dropped the stage name in 2012 and perhaps the rapper is looking to go into surgical commentary full-time as again, we saw him continue with sharing his opinion even when the procedure was over. He said he thought it was magical and nothing like he’d ever seen before. His final take was that he can’t believe lots of women actually undergo this surgery but then again now that he’d seen it firsthand, he is somewhat a believer. In a football reference, he hilariously compared where he is on the subject of butt lifts to being the 50-yard line. He also stated that the sounds of the surgical procedures used in butt enhancement reminded him of a barbershop. To him, Dr. Miami and his team could simply have been giving the young woman a line-up, you know, cutting her hair.

Hilarious little bits of commentary like this are what make the videos posted by the Atlanta artist so watchable and entertaining. His hardcore fans will have laughs as well, but it won’t stop them from wondering whether the ‘Hibachi for Lunch’ rapper could be getting carried away with all these projects that aren’t related to the music.

2 Chainz is a venerable figure in the rap industry, and this funny attempt at interning with or shadowing Dr. Miami at his plastic surgery operation will not keep him at the top of the rap game. Nor will it help speed up the delayed next album of his, aptly titled Pretty Girls Like Trap.

New adventures are always exciting, so we get why 2 Chainz found himself dressed in scrubs next to Dr. Miami and sitting in on this woman’s cosmetic surgery. However, the Atlanta rapper may need to simply focus on getting a release date back on the table for his upcoming music project. He may also want to get all the affairs in order with newly opened restaurant business, which recently bombed a health inspection and had to apply for re-inspection and fire some employees to get its doors open.

In any case, we’re loving the excitement in these videos and the rare opportunity to witness one of Dr. Miami’s operations with some additional hilarious commentary.

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Lol 2 chainz is lit

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Damn I wish to 2chainz would’ve bought me a butt

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michael f.
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wowwww kid

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tommy cha cha
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is he serious man wtf