Butt enhancement cream is again being talked about by Kylie Jenner

The popular, famous and up-coming Kylie Jenner is at it again posting more pictures about a butt enhancement cream on her social networks such as Instagram.

We wrote about this back when it first happened on 07/31/15 and here is our original article: butt enhancement cream that Kylie Jenner admits to using today

butt enhancement kylie jenner

But this time when she RE-PUSHED the butt enhancement product again on 02/08/16, many were upset over it… some perhaps even outraged. People were responding implying “she sold out to promote the product”. You’ll see on her Instagram photo that she does seem to be promoting it by suggesting it as a valentine’s day gift with a coupon code. Here were a couple of the comments on the Instagram photo:

Fan Comment: “Why would anyone buy this knowing they just selling it to get paid? Lol”

Fan Comment: “Stop lying you don’t actually use it. You’re just advertising. You probably got payed $300k just for posting this.”

Fan Comment: “Yeah, because that’s what a girl wants from a guy – a butt enhancement cream!”

A couple of days after Kylie originally posted about this product back in July ’15, the company that manufactures and distributes the product claims that they did not pay her 1 penny! The TMZ article of the company’s response is here: BUTT CREAM COMPANY … Back Off, We Didn’t Pay Kylie.

Because of the way she seems to be promoting it as a “valentine’s day gift” with a coupon code, this could be skeptical to a certain type of fan. But at the end of the day, WHO REALLY CARES. Maybe the company was so excited to learn she was a customer, they gave her a personal coupon code for her followers to use.

If Kylie wants to use the product and talk about it on her social outlets, leave the girl alone. Maybe she is indeed using the product and is seeing some great results. Many believe that these products don’t work, but we are telling you otherwise.

The Glutimax brand is an industry founder and leader in this market because the product REALLY WORKS. We have had an unbelievable success rate with Glutimax for over 9 years now since 2007. We are getting many re-orders, testimonials, referrals, etc. The Glutimax cream does also maintain an under 1% return ratio.


We’re still hoping someday Kylie would give Glutimax a try also =)


The Glutimax Blog Team

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