Butt enhancement cream named maxi buttocks by Ann Michell is being used by Jenelle Evans from MTV Teen Mom 2

Talk about butt enhancement cream being trendy, wow! Just over a week ago another popular celebrity, Kylie Jenner, admitted to using a butt enhancement cream also! Both Jenelle and Kylie used the hash tag #BootyOnFleek. Is there some type of correlation to this between the two of them?

Jenelle Evans isn’t promoting the same product however. She is saying she is using “maxi buttocks” by Ann Michell. Kylie was tweeting about PureLeef butt enhancement cream.

butt enhancement cream jenelle evans

We were glad to hear Jenelle is using the product and we hope it is really working for her. Hopefully this isn’t a sponsored publicity stunt backed by the company that manufactures the product. Jenelle does have a huge following with currently 1.6 million followers just on Instagram. Over 11,000 followers liked her Instagram post about Maxi Buttocks along with over 900 comments as of 08/18/15.

We have not heard about the Maxi Buttocks brand so we went ahead and did some quick research on it. The first thing we noticed is that they’re using the same before/after photo as another “more popular” brand on the market.

maxi buttocks


We also couldn’t help but notice that they don’t stand behind their product as their website states “We cannot do refunds/exchanges on this product“.


The reason we haven’t heard of Maxi Buttocks is probably because they are one of the newer brands on the market. You can learn more about the #1 selling butt enhancement cream called Glutimax from the website here:


You can learn about “how it works”, see FAQS (frequently asked questions), ┬áresearch ingredients, read testimonials and much more!

There is no doubt that buttocks enhancement is the new craze. Girls, and guys, are more concerned with their “back side” now more than ever. Because of this, it is no surprise that all of these celebrities are talking about these buttocks enhancement cream products.

We hope that some day Jenelle might research and try our program. Or anyone else for that matter! Our program is not only the industry founder, but the #1 selling cream on the market since 2007. This product had an a tremendous success rate over the years because IT REALLY WORKS! Our customers are always re-ordering and telling their friends/relatives about Glutimax butt enhancement cream.


The Glutimax Blog Team

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Butt enhancement cream named pureleef that Kylie Jenner admits to using today
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