Butt enhancement cream named pureleef that Kylie Jenner admits to using today

Kylie Jenner has broke headlines today admitting that she has been using a butt enhancement cream to get those “back end curves”. We weren’t surprised by this fact but we wondered- has she REALLY been using the cream or is she simply being paid to endorse it? We will never know the real answer to this question as we aren’t friends with her. But perhaps her close friends and family know the real scoop.

butt enhancement cream kylie jenner

At any rate, we’ve been seeing some bloggers and others online criticizing her saying she is too young to be promoting products already. Hey, if the product is really working for her, WHO CARES! She is obviously proud to announce and show the results she has obtained from this product.

As you may or may not know- our product, Glutimax butt enhancement cream, was an industry founder in this market. Glutimax has been wildly successful since 2007 and IT REALLY WORKS. We get so many re-orders, testimonials, etc. We were surprised at the fact that we had never EVER even heard of this product that Kylie Jenner is talking about. So we did some more research…

Our first move was to obviously see when this product hit the market. Their website was created in August 2014. They are obviously a “new comer” to the market. This is probably the main reason why we’ve never heard of the brand as it hasn’t even been around for 1 year as of yet.

Our second play was to research the formulation and ingredients. They claim the product works the same way Glutimax does, but the ingredients are ENTIRELY different from ours. Anyone who has thoroughly researched a product of this type, surely knows there are a few necessary ingredients that actually make the enhancement process occur. Unfortunately, this cream Kylie is talking about contains NONE OF THESE INGREDIENTS. Some examples of the ingredients we’re discussing are Maca,┬áNiacinamide and Saw Palmetto.

Lastly looking at the pricing factor, we’d say that the pricing is somewhat competitive for the market. Glutimax is less expensive but their product doesn’t seem to be “over priced”.

We’re perplexed as to how Kylie Jenner has never heard of the #1 selling butt enhancement cream called Glutimax! Maybe she has tried it and we simply don’t know. Or perhaps she has been using Glutimax and really was just paid to endorse this other brand =)

If you’re in the market for a butt enhancement product that really works, try Glutimax RISK FREE. You can learn more about Glutimax from our website such as “how it works”, see FAQS (frequently asked questions), research ingredients, read testimonials and much more! Start at our home page here: https://www.glutimax.com/


The Glutimax Blog Team

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