Butt enhancement reversal? Love and Hip-Hop’s K. Michelle wants to reverse her butt enhancement injections

Kimberly Michelle Pate, aka K. Michelle, is obviously regretting her butt enhancement injections and seems to have decided to “suck everything else out”. I’m sure many of you know K. Michelle from the popular show Love and Hip-Hop. She is a song writer, singer and television personality. She also is a pretty good piano and guitar player!

Kimberly Michelle Pate

At any rate, she is pretty tight with Tyrese and hangs out with him frequently. She was talking to him and saying how she is sick of being “type casted” as she puts it. In other words she wants to have the business world, among others, take her seriously. It is probably difficult for her to be closing business deals while random business men are focused in on her butt as opposed to the business dealings at hand. This definitely could be affecting her career in a negative manner.

She wanted the butt enhancement injections at one point in her life obviously. She probably was more than happy with the results and loved the attention as well. However as she has matured and grown up, it may have been a phase for her. In this video interview with media personality B. Scott, K. Michelle says that if you are contemplating butt enhancement injections, “if you have the coins to put it in, have the coins to take it out”. Check out the video interview:

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