Butt exercises while doing a holiday performance. Check her out getting in her butt exercises!

Wow everyone you must check this out! We learned about this woman from Chicago named Michelle L’Amour. She is a burlesque performer and her video went viral back in October 2013. She made a video “twerking” her butt to some classical music by Beethoven. She made her entrance dressed in a tuxedo jacket, fishnet stockings and a bowtie thong. She then proceeded to “butt twerk” her performance on a piano to Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony”. It was a tremendous hit and has had who knows how many millions of views online. We hear it’s been something like 8 MILLION AND COUNTING.

What a unique and entertaining performance she puts on. Obviously as we’re in the butt enhancement business, we took a kind liking to her fantastic videos. We wondered if she is actually getting paid to put on these performances. If she isn’t, she should be! She is a trained dancer we’ve read and it’s no surprise.

So now that we are approaching the holidays, she has obviously dropped a new performance and video which is entitled “The Buttcracker”. It’s simply genius! This time she shows up in this little pink sparkly tutu with some Christmas carol music running in the background and starts her infamous “twerk”. It is a MUST SEE! She is really getting the butt exercises in here all while putting on a performance. Fast forward in her video to about 1:30 an you’ll see what she has got going on. WOW, pretty impressive Michelle. Thank you for the fantastic video and happy holidays to you as well!

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