Butt implants and the dangers associated with them

Butt implants are procedures (plastic surgeries) where substances are injected into the buttocks to make them fuller or larger. The implants involve injection of synthetic silicone and synthetic biopolymer (gel-like substance) into the cheeks of the butt. Countries like Venezuela and South America are known to practice these procedures at a very high rate. Women do this believing that they will become more attractive unaware of the negative consequences.

Dangers Of Butt Implants

butt implants

The synthetic biopolymer substance spreads in uncontrollable way through the tissue which can cause deformities and situations such as septicemia which can lead to death.

As silicon is hard to control, the patient can end up developing lumped scar tissues. The client experiences intense pain which they must learn to live with or undergo another procedure to remove the implants.

Silicon implants can shift in the buttock leading to deformity or fat atrophy which causes an irreversible damage. The gel can sometimes migrate to the lower back of the patient or around the hip area causing an abnormal shape.

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMMA), a type of plastic cement which is mostly used by orthopedic doctors to cement stuff into bones. This can get into the blood vessels, travel to the lungs, heart and brain. This can turn out to be extremely fatal.

Fat injections into the buttock may create calcified tissue leading to irregular appearance. When pressure is applied to the implanted areas when sitting down, it can lead to high problems including fat atrophy, collection of fluid (seroma), pressure necrosis and malposition.

Botched surgeries are very hard to treat as most operations are still being experimented. Surgeons in many countries do not give any guarantee of a complete recovery or any improvement. The procedure of removing silicon out of the body can require many surgeries which will leave immense scaring. In all cases, some gel will remain in the body. The operation is sometimes termed as an incurable disease.

Most patients do not take time to research the side effects or finding licensed surgeons working in accredited facilities. Some women go to the black markets to cut costs. However they are usually faced with dangers of being injected with toxic substances which can lead to severe pain, sores on the buttocks and damage of body tissues.

Lifesaving advice; do not introduce new substances into your body tissues. Instead, use the all-natural and safe Glutimax butt enhancement cream.

Advantages of using Glutimax butt enhancement cream


Glutimax is a herbal topical formula (includes vitamins, roots and herbs) butt enhancement cream which is very gentle to the skin. It enhances the butt size by increasing the volume and decreasing loss of collagen. The use of this cream comes with an extra advantage of fighting stretch marks and wrinkles.

Unlike butt implants, a lot of research has been carried out for many years to ensure that it is safe and effective to the user. Glutimax has been in existence since 2007 and maintains less than 1% return ratio. It is very hard to get counterfeit Glutimax over the counters as the original products are directly shipped to the client by the company.

This cream can be applied on the specific spots and will not spread to any other part of the body like the implants. It works by stimulating new growths in the gluteus maximus cells causing enlargement of the butt in a few weeks of use. The result will be a rounder, firmer, bigger and natural look.

Glutimax cream does not cause irritation, pain or any health risks unlike the implants. It does not leave scars on the skin like surgeries do. Unlike implants where one has to go through surgical procedures, this cream is very easy to use as one simply needs to apply it on the skin around the buttocks. It is also very affordable to clients as they only need to incur the cost of purchase.

The use of Glutimax cream is safer than butt implants as introducing new substances into your body will most likely do more harm than good. Examine our website and see if the information contained can help you: https://www.glutimax.com/


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