Butt injection for buttocks gone wrong- butt injection nightmare

Sadly, we’ve recently became aware of yet another butt injection “gone wrong” nightmare. One of the team members here at Glutimax was watching the famous series “American Greed” when an episode that aired on 4/28/2016 raised attention. This episode showcased a beautiful woman by the name of Karima Gordon who was a successful and aspiring model attempting to break into the Hip Hop side of modeling. She wanted to undergo a buttocks enhancement injection procedure.

Her story is sad indeed being a victim of the unscrupulous black market butt injection industry.

karima gordon

Karima Gordon, an otherwise healthy and even multiple beauty and talent contest champion, mother to a 16 year old son and US Military Veteran, followed the Hip Hop craze. As she was seeking out options for a butt injection procedure, her next hurdle to leap came at a cost nobody factored in… DEATH. The black market industry for butt injections has sadly become a booming industry. Some of these backroom “clinics” are using medical grade silicone and have absolutely zero medical training or licensing. They’ve been found to be using industrial grade silicone such as that found at the local hardware store for use as glues and sealants.

Using leads, she got in touch with a famous Hip Hop model by the name of “Pebbelz”.


Karima landed a face to face meeting with Pebbelz in New York City to inquire about getting “referred to a nurse” that had performed butt enhancement injections. According to “Pebbelz”, these injections were not only done on her own buttocks, but many other Hip Hop models in the industry as well. Agreements were made and an arrangement was setup for Karima to meet with this “nurse” in Georgia in exchange for a $200 referral fee paid to Pebbelz.

This “nurse” known as Morris Garner, dresses like a woman and calls himself Tracey Lynn Garner.

morris garner

Upon arriving at this underground “clinic” located at a house in Georgia, $1500 was paid to Morris Garner the “Nurse” for the silicone injections to be performed. And of course this shady “nurse” was found to not have any medical training let alone her nursing license as was claimed. Karima’s nightmare had immediately begun after the procedure. It was determined that the silicone used in her illegal butt injections was not medical grade, it was actually industrial grade silicone that you commonly would find at the hardware store! It didn’t take long after the buttocks injection procedure before the trouble began with coughing, vomiting and diarrhea. All of these symptoms began right away as her and her friend were driving back home her friend told American Greed. In due time, Pulmonary Embolisms formed in Karima’s lungs eventually killing her. The illegally administered butt injections of silicone had migrated from the injection sites in her butt to her lungs resulting in the embolisms causing her death.

Morris Garner the “nurse” was charged with depraved-heart murder meaning he had a callous disregard for the life of his victim. Hip Hop model “Pebbelz” was eventually found guilty of manslaughter charges too… but that doesn’t help Karima. She will never experience the joys of her modeling career, pleasures of being with her family and friends, enjoy seeing her 16 year old son grow into a man, etc. Her life has been stolen from her by the greed involved in the illegal butt injection industry.

If you would like to learn more about Karima’s tragic story, the family created a Foundation to share the full story and spread the word of the dangers in these underground butt injection “clinics”, if you would dare even call them clinics.

The Karima Gordon Foundation’s website can be found at (the website seems to no longer be available as of November 2018): http://www.karimagordonfoundation.org/


The Glutimax Blog Team

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