Butt injection procedure live on the doctors tv show by Dr. Ourian

In this day and age of instant gratification, you can now have butt injection procedures that can increase the size of your buttocks in less than an hour. But at what cost? No one really knows the log term effects of butt injections… but if you want to grow your assets in quicker time then getting a pizza delivered, well now you can! In the day and age of the Kardashians, bigger is better and seems as though more and more women out there are following the trend. Again, no one knows the long term effects this will have on a woman’s body having buttocks injections done… but hey, at least your back side is big… right?!

butt injection


Seriously, these people are out of their minds! They’re injecting foreign chemicals into their bodies without any regard for their future health. Lets literally get off our butts and get on a squat rack at the gym… and look for an all natural healthy alternative like Glutimax butt enhancement cream.

At any rate, check out this live appearance by Dr. Ourian on The Drs National TV show. Dr. Ourian handles the Kardashian’s butt enhancement procedures.


The reaction of the audience is priceless and it should be the natural reaction to something of this nature. The grimaces were followed by a sense of worry for the smiling model as she played it off as if she felt nothing. It could’ve been coached and talked about prior to going live on a national TV program to keep the appearance of a “non-intrusive” procedure. News flash, this is as intrusive as it gets! We’re thinking we’re not the only ones that think this based on seeing the audience’s faces of concern.

Furthermore, when watching the video you’ll learn that the doctors cant even agree on how long the injection’s results last. Dr. Ourian says it can last 2-7 years and even longer when using the PRP (concentrated form of plasma and stem cells from the patient) in conjunction with the injection. Apparently this is a great choice for people who don’t have excess fat of their own to inject.

With the year 2015 being dubbed “the year of the rear” because of this huge spike in butt enhancement procedures, it seems to only be gaining more traction in the year 2016. They’re saying that one of these procedures is being done every 30 minutes!

Contemplating butt injections? After watching this video, how do you feel? These injections aren’t cheap and can be potentially dangerous. Have you leared about Glutimax butt enhancement cream? This popular program has been around since 2007 and provides REAL RESULTS! You can learn more about Glutimax from the website such as “how it works“, see FAQS (frequently asked questions), research ingredients, read testimonials and much more!


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