Collagen Cream For Buttocks – Glutimax Is The #1 Best Enhancer

Collagen is the most extensive human protein found in our bodies. It makes up most of the connective tissues in our body which include muscles, ligaments, tendons, and skin. Among many other functions, collagen helps in maintaining the skin and muscle tone and structure while strengthening the bones. Other benefits include maintaining the elasticity of our skin and preventing aging.

collagen cream for buttocks

The buttocks are the two soft cushions that we sit on. Also referred to as the butt, bottom or the rump. The buttock is made of three muscles which include the gluteal maximus, gluteal media, and gluteus minimus. All of these help maintain the structure of your butt.

Collagen creams, as the name suggests, are creams made from collagen that are applied to various body parts for the purpose of enhancing them. They include facial creams, skin creams, neck creams and the one we are talking about today which is the butt cream.

As stated above, collagen makes up most of the connective tissues in our bodies and is responsible for the appearances of the skin and muscles. The human buttocks is made of connective tissues which contain collagen almost entirely. It also has muscles which are also made up of collagen.

Scientifically, as we age or get fatter, the elastin and collagen fibers become overly stretched. Within no time, the skin area looks as if it has scar like appearances. It is normal that old people have stretched skin all over with a hanging butt and breasts. This is due to decreased collagen. Over time, the butt loses elasticity and looks saggy which to most people appears to be a turn off. Boosting the collagen on the butt and surrounding areas could serve up some awesome results while obtaining a great look.

Collagen Butt Creams Have Been Around For Quite Some Time Now


Collagen butt creams that have been on the market for quite some time have flourished both in sales and results due to the following:

  • They are natural methods of butt enlargement – Based on the major things people do to have their butts enlarge, this is the most basic way which is, of course, applicable for all. It is natural which makes it even much better. Collagen cream tones your butt makes it firm and lifts it thus it appears bigger.
  • The lift up “bubble butt” – I’m sure most of you have come around that word or know it. These collagen creams lift your butt through strengthening the elastin and collagen fibers making your butt more firm and tighter. If it had sagged, the fibers become strong and regain their elasticity ensuring the butt is lifted. This is a simple way of lifting your people’s butts without using expensive and dangerous implants.
  • Collagen Cream Contains natural ingredients – As stated above, no procedure shall be performed on you. You will not go under the cut. Collagen creams work up your rump/ behind by using its well-sort active ingredients which include cocoa butter, avocado oil among many others. What they do is they stimulate the elastin and collagen fibers which cut across your gluteal muscles in your butt allowing them to become firm and tight. After timely application topically, your butt blossoms.
  • There is also another mode of action of these creams in what is termed as cell augmentation – In this scenario, collagen attracts new cells especially to wound sites. It helps and allows in the creation of new cells which are able to store lipids and goes ahead to maximize the amount of lipid each can store thus leading to an increase in lipids in those cells. This subsequently leads to an enlarged tissue size. This similarly happens to be the same when it is applied to the butt tissue.

These processes do not take place overnight as it has to take time and religious use. Below is a detailed review of some of the popular collagen creams. They have been listed below with a detailed scientific explanation to what their ingredients do.

#1 Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream



This is the most reputable butt enhancement cream that has been around since 2008. You simply apply it to your butt (just like how you apply butter on bread) for a few weeks and the butt starts changing. To start with, this is a collagen butt enhancement cream that works without the need for implants and butt enlargement pills. It comes with lots of cocoa butter and oils such as the Avocado oil as natural ingredients which triggers the collagen in your butt area to strengthen the connective tissues which include the muscles and the skin of your buttocks. This enhances butt growth within a few weeks offering a permanent solution. Clinically and scientifically, the theory of these ingredients works as quoted in the earlier citations. Also, Glutimax reviews from people who have bought it are really great. They’ve proven that the majority of customers have had positive results while a small amount claim it works very little or not at all.

#2 Super Serum 3D – Slim Extreme Cream


slim extreme 3d

This cream is one of the collagen-based creams which works to shape your buttocks by lifting them and making them have the bubble look. The mode of action of this cream is that it triggers the proliferation of lipids in your butt muscles fat cells. This makes your butt bigger than usual. Secondly, the cream enhances the elasticity of your connective tissues which includes the gluteal muscles (butt muscles) and the skin around it. This naturally makes your butt firm and larger in a couple of weeks. To add on to that, the cream has a great scent and contains natural extracts which are non-harmful to the skin.

#3 Booty Magic


booty magic

Booty Magic is a butt enlargement cream that comes with multiple ingredients that helps stimulate the muscles and cells in your butt to thrive. This cream only targets the place it is applied hence its always good to know how it is used. Despite it taking several weeks, the products at last works and the results are permanent. It has great. It contains collagen which works up your rump/ behind by using its well-sort active ingredients which include cocoa butter, avocado oil among many others. This results in a big butt admirable by many. And furthermore, it’s a natural method. You can also view the reviews of this specific butt enhancement cream on Amazon. It has very many positive reviews from people who have used it.

More Points About Collagen Cream For Your Buttocks

From researched based peer-reviewed articles, collagen doesn’t just start stimulating your connective tissues right away. It takes time and you must be patient and watch the pace gradually as you apply the butt enhancing cream on a daily basis. It might take a considerable amount of time to make the skin regenerate or to stimulate the connective tissue when you keep on skipping the timings of applying this cream.

Remember, its like a drug and you should be disciplined in following its administration. That’s why you will hear some say that it worked for them while some say it didn’t work for them. This could be the most basic reason for it. Reviving a dead tissue again is one futile course. High chances are that it will not work. The butt creams work for fresh butts not those that have already lost almost all the collagen in them such as the aged people’s butt. It is also good to note that those people who smoke cigarettes and those that are easily exposed to UV light are less likely to benefit from these creams. This is because collagen (endogenous) production from the body decreases on frequent exposure to such things.

However, collagen attracts new cells especially to wound sites. It helps and allows in the creation of new cells which are able to store lipids and goes ahead to maximize the amount of lipid each can store thus leading to an increase in lipids in those cells. This subsequently leads to an enlarged tissue size. This is the case of butt growth, will lead to a larger and much firmer butt.

Do Creams & Products To Make Your Buttocks Bigger Really Work

It’s unlikely that those who claim to use collagen cream products to make your butt bigger do not work. While it may not work for 100% of consumers, it really does work for many. The key is to continually use it. Most simply slack, skip and forget to use it everyday. There are others that falsely state that since collagen particles are so large, they cannot seep through the skin. They state that particles of collagen are too large to be absorbed through the skin. If this is really the case, then there is no lotion or cream on the market that can actually penetrate the skin.

Conclusion: A big butt speaks volumes and more consumers are going the natural way since its nothing like going under the knife. Your butt should be natural and real, not big and fake. There is nothing like having a natural and round big butt!


The Glutimax Blog Team

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