Illegal Butt Enhancement Injection Operation Busted In Miami, FL

Bella Beauty Spa in Miami, FL at 8360 West Flagler Street has been busted! The owner and operator, Maribel Jimenez age 49, got 6 years in prison for smuggling silicone in to the USA from Colombia. This was their illegal butt enhancement operation where this silicone was being injected in to hundreds of people! Maribel Jimenez is not only going to do 6 years in jail, but has to pay a fine in the amount of $1.1 million US dollars minimum!

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The convict was subjected to these harsh legal conditions upon being allegedly involved in the injection of several hundreds of innocent women with illicitly imported silicone from Colombia. Multiple DHL shipments which had the label “depilatory wax” formed the channel of smuggling the silicone. These reports were obtained from a Federal group of prosecutors who were investigating the charges pressed against Jimenez. The day of judgment did not go well for the accused since this day saw Justice Benjamin pronounce the jail sentence in the presence of other law enforcement officials within Miami.

Del Rosario, who happens to be a manager of Bella Beauty, was an associate to Jimenez with whom they administered deep buttock tissue injections of silicone. These injections were of substantial quantities and were administered using an adulterated medical device to several Bella Beauty clients. The defendant duo, Magaly del Rosario and Jimenez, pleaded guilty to their involvement in an illegal scheme to run the butt enhancement service which ran from 2008 until August 2015. Magaly del Rosario’s sentence is expected to be completed on 09/19/17.

Federal prosecutors reported to the court that in the course of this illegal conduct, Jimenez kept on informing Bella Beauty’s clients in an assuring manner that they would have them injected with a safe, temporary and possibly absorbable substance by the body with time. Jimenez, however, knew very clearly that she was lying to them and that this was not be the case.

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The prosecutors further added that Jimenez and del Rosario made false claims to the identity of the substance. According to the two, they injected the clients with hydrogel, juvederm, hyaluronic acid and restylane just to mention a few. They did this to cover up the real identity of the dermal filler material which was silicone, a dangerous substance which is very harmful once it comes into contact with internal body cells. This misleading claim from the two was given despite the frequent claims made by the clients to Bella Beauty on the adverse health-related symptoms.

Led by Attorney Ferrer, the prosecutors said that any illegal conduct that is proven to pose a significant risk to the health of the general public should be addressed with grave concern to the U.S. government. Ferrer said that prosecutors and his law enforcement allies were committed to minimizing illicit operations in the country that are purportedly legitimate medical facilities while they endanger people’s lives for monetary gain. He further accused the defendants of putting their financial enrichment above the safety and bodily health of their clients who trusted them.

Being an unlawful act, Jimenez had to smuggle the silicone into the United States in association with her co-conspirators. They smuggled the substance by means of a roughly 170 different DHL air carrier containers. They were aware of possible scrutiny of Border and Customs protection, therefore, they came up with a deceiving but secure way of branding the bottles. Each of the silicone bottles contained false labels where the contents were written in Spanish, translated as “depilatory wax”. Alleged instructions were also included on how to apply the supposed rosin-made substance that was used for hair removal.

Exposure to this substance, according to the prosecutors, place the women at the risk of accidentally having the injection make it’s way into a blood vessel. This would have led to a series of injurious activities in the body. Embolism, an obstruction of an artery by a blood clot or air bubble, could have resulted from such an injection. Other harmful activities that the body would suffer include the formation of silicone-filled scar tissues, permeation of the silicone to other body organs and regions, discoloration of the skin, abnormal infections and infection-related disorders. Further damage would be evidenced by the hyperactivity of the immune system and necrosis (death of cells and tissues in the body as a result of injury, a disease or interruption of blood supply). More so, these innocent women were placed at a high risk of experiencing adverse systemic conditions besides suffering from discomfort, disfigurement and pain.

Each client of Bella Beauty Spa who has undergone the injection procedures, despite how long ago, is urged to make contact with the government through this email address: . This initiative is projected towards offering additional information to each individual’s concern and receiving information on the people’s statuses and legal rights, being potential victims of the same.

Meisha Darrough and Peter Outerbridge, both of whom are Assistant U.S Attorneys based in Miami, constitute the prosecuting party for this case.

The investigation process on this case has brought together a reasonable number of law enforcement agents and special investigators. They include Justin D. Green who a special Agent and investigator governing the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Office that deals with criminal activities investigations within Miami. A second investigator is Mark Selby who is a special agent in charge of the United States Immigration and Homeland Security Investigations Customs Enforcement. Juan J. Perez, the Director of the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD), is also part of the team.

Jimenez also faced a three-year supervised release sentence by the U.S District Judge in Miami and the judge also scheduled an indemnification hearing to take place on 12/01/17. Further charges on the defendants include conspiring to perpetrate wire and mail fraud as a result of their fraud-geared misinterpretations to their clients and concealing facts from them. They were also charged with the delivery for consequent pay of an adulterated and misbranded medical device with ill intentions of defrauding and misleading the public.

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6 years ago

Wow what they’ll do these days for a bigger butt ?

Tabetha lorene
Tabetha lorene
6 years ago

I drive by this place everyday otw to work Woah!

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lorie donahue
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hey ill try the glutimax if you can hook it up for free =)