Sandra Gonzalez in Long Beach, CA administering unlicensed “butt enhancement” injections which resulted in the death of her customer.

Hi Everyone- check this story out. This lady in Long Beach, CA named Sandra Gonzalez has allegedly been doing “butt and lip enhancement” procedures in a rented back room at Areli’s Barber Shop & Salon. And of course this 45 year old woman was doing this without a license.

butt enhancement gonzalez

Sandra Gonzalez in Long Beach, CA administering unlicensed “butt enhancement” injections which resulted in the death of her customer.

She had a 36 year old customer named Hamilet Suarez that was getting an injection done on 02/12/14. Hamilet Suarez was probably sprucing up her look for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. However right after the injections were completed, Hamilet went into cardiac arrest. The EMTs showed up pretty quickly from what we’re told and performed CPR. She was then taken to emergency where she was pronounced deceased on arrival. So sad, RIP Hamilet Suarez.

The Long Beach Police Department say Suarez suffered the cardiac arrest due to “suspicious circumstances”. “Inside the treatment room, detectives found medical equipment and multiple vials of controlled substances which were used for medical procedures,” police said in a statement, reports The Los Angeles Times.

So now this nut case, Sandra Gonzalez is in jail on ONLY $10,000 bail, WOW! We’re told the only charges at this time are possession of a controlled substance. We’re certain and hopeful that the homicide detectives will further investigate and end up charging Sandra Gonzalez with what she probably deserves, MURDER.

The authorities aren’t specifically saying that the procedure triggered her death but it seems pretty clear. They state “Until the report comes back from the coroner, we can’t determine if it was the procedure or if any drugs possibly administered caused her death,” police Sgt. Megan Zabel told the Long Beach Press-Telegram. The police officials said Gonzalez conducted the cosmetic procedures at the salon for about a month and might have previously practiced at other locations too. They requested people with any information regarding Gonzalez and the procedures to call Det. Scott Lasch or Det. Donald Goodman at (562) 570-7244.

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