Supplements To Increase The Size Of The Buttocks

The rising fame of Kim Kardashian and celebrities alike, their incredibly shaped bottoms have posed another body goal for women. Several workouts have recently been designed to tone and shape the butt due to this fad. But even with these workouts available, women still suggest the support of supplements to increase the size of the buttocks. One product that stands out to grant this need: Glutimax Buttocks Enhancement Cream.

Glutimax was first launched in 2007 in the United States, being the first company to introduce supplements to increase the size of the buttocks. Although Glutimax was the first booty enhancement cream back then, the company did not overlook the safety of its prospect clients by coming up with an all-natural compound. Due to positive reviews and feedback, the company’s production increased and began distributing to all states and 190 countries outside of the USA.

As mentioned above, the ingredients used to make Glutimax enhancement cream are all natural, providing gentle application while giving positive results. The company believes that supplements to increase the size of the butt must not only help achieve a bigger buttock size but also ensure the health and safety of its users. The ingredients of Glutimax include aloe vera, black cohosh extract, saw palmetto extract, dong quai, safflower oil, squalene, cinnamon oil, honey, vitamin e, maca root extract and ascorbic acid.

vitamin e

Vitamin E is very common in every cream or dietary supplement designed for the skin, even with supplements such as this. As Glutimax gathers all excess fat from the back down to your buttocks to help achieve a bigger buttock size, possible adjustments to the skin might become more visible. The role of Vitamin E is to help make the skin more elastic, prevent wrinkles and boost new skin cell production.

aloe vera

Aloe Vera is another natural ingredient included in the Glutimax buttocks enhancement cream. Almost with the same role as Vitamin E, aloe vera treats the skin and helps avoid the formation of stretch marks that might come with the adjustment of fats. It also acts as a moisturizer to result in healthier looking skin.


Honey serves the skin as well in the process of increasing the size of buttocks. Just like aloe vera, honey treats the skin and helps prevent fine lines and stretch marks from appearing. Though no harmful side effects can be obtained from using Glutimax, honey also makes sure that no discoloration will occur to the skin once the product is applied.

Ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin c, not only serves to improve the immune system but helps build tissues and muscles as well. This is beneficial in increasing the size of buttocks as it helps build more muscle in the buttock area over time, along with maca, black cohosh, saw palmetto and dong quai all working in conjunction together.

Black cohosh is an ingredient mainly used in fat burners, but also is popular in enhancement type products. This herb helps the targeted area increase the production of estrogen, which eliminates fat cells and results in a bigger and firmer looking buttocks. Another ingredient in Glutimax for higher estrogen production is the saw palmetto extract.

Another common ingredient in enhancement supplements is dong quai. This herb is famous with the Chinese women and also is known for balancing estrogen levels. Aside from balancing estrogen levels, it also has age-defying effects on the skin that can contribute to the pleasant appearance of bigger buttocks.

While black cohosh may try to eliminate fat in increasing your butt size, safflower oil on the other hand, injects good fat in the body. This good fat helps increase the size of the butt while maintaining your body’s good health.

Squalene is a mixture of olive oil and shark oil. Mainly, the effects of this compound are to prevent cancer, maintain cholesterol levels and defy aging. It is also contained in Glutimax primarily for good maintenance of the user’s health while using this supplement.

maca root

Maca (aka maca root) is a very essential ingredient in supplements to increase the size of buttocks. Glutimax later on included this essential ingredient into their enhancement cream formulation. This food is high in protein, which is the most important for muscle building, and low in calories and fat. Aside from protein for muscle building, maca root also balances hormones and increases estrogen levels for more curves.

How do supplements to increase the size of buttocks like Glutimax work? By applying the cream to the targeted desired area in the buttocks, the ingredients seep through the skin and take effect quickly on the applied areas. The black cohosh, saw palmetto extract, dong quai, ascorbic acid and maca do their job in increasing estrogen levels and burning unnecessary fats for muscle build-up and curving the shape of your buttocks. As these changes are occurring, the aloe vera, vitamin e and honey take care of the appearance of the skin by moisturizing, providing more elasticity and preventing the formation of stretch marks and fine lines. This cream not only eliminates stretch marks and fine lines but cellulite as well. Aside from the overall appearance of the skin, Glutimax also looked after the overall condition of the user by including squalene in the compound.

Despite the popularity of Glutimax, the product remains unavailable in leading drugstores and supermarkets. This supplement can only be ordered online through the Glutimax official website. Payments accepted are all major credit/debit/pre-paid/gift cards, PayPal, bank wire transfers or via mail using a check or money order.

Positive results are continuously being given by satisfied customers since 2007. Results can be seen within four to five weeks and can be shortened if the user accompanies it with the suggested Glutimax butt exercises.

Butt enlargement has become a fad today, and this can be achieved both by doing butt exercises and taking supplements to increase the size of buttocks. The pioneer of butt enhancement supplements, Glutimax remains the #1 selling best of all butt-enhancing creams since its debut in 2007. It is manufactured in the USA so it can be used with confidence. With the contained natural ingredients, Glutimax enhancement cream not only helps increase the size of buttocks, but maintains the overall health of the consumer as well. By using these supplements, women and men no longer need to undergo surgery if they wish for bigger buttock size. They simply need to apply the product onto the desired area for at least four to five weeks twice a day. Glutimax will work by itself but accompanied with butt exercises, the desired results will be achieved even faster and more dramatically.

All of the pricing is shown on the Glutimax order page in US Dollars here:


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