What Happens When People No Longer Want A Bigger Butt?

Pop stars and reality stars have popularized the hourglass figure into a culture that is worshipped by women of all ages. Over time, the culture is falling out because even the Kardashians are having a problem with it all. Kylie temporarily removed her lip injections, but she is back at it. More recently, Kim Kardashian was called out by her fans because her booty looked smaller than its signature size on a photo she had recently posted.

The decision to alter one’s appearance is life changing. Even a-listers are scaling back on such procedural altercations. Statistics compiled by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, according to the 2017 plastic surgery statistics report, confirms that booty implants were 56% less popular in 2017 compared to 2016. The society of plastic surgeons reported a 10% increase in Brazilian butt lift surgeries (involves removing fat from one part of the body and injecting it into the rear) in 2017 compared to 2016.

Soft tissue fillers, which are also known as dermal fillers, are medical device implants approved by the FDA. They are mostly used for creating a fuller and smoother appearance in lips, cheeks, hands and the face. These increased by just 3% in 2017 compared to 2016. According to the same report, this is a huge drop considering the 312% spike recorded between 2000 and 2017.

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There is a 26 year old that isn’t ever surprised when random people remind her that she looks exactly like the reality TV star Kardashian. This is no coincidence either because over the last 10 years or so, Jenifer Pamploma has blown something like a half of million dollars on procedures. Yes, we’re talking about $500,000 USD. This has consisted of approximately 30 separate plastic surgery type procedures to get that “perfect” look. She has gone through an insane array of things like liposuction, breast enhancement, butt injections for a bigger butt, removal of ribs, etc. There also has been several tweaks on her chine, nose and cheeks. All of this so she can obtain and have what all women desire, a perfect body…

Even though Jenifer is very comfortable with how she looks, she swore to completely stay away from the doctor’s office from now on… at least not for selective procedures. Some probable and foreseeable complications would unfortunately negatively impact her future. Her last significant operation was back ion 2015 which involved liposuction, the removal of some ribs and fat transfer to her booty. The results were amazing we’ve seen her say, but the aftermath… it left Jenifer bedridden for at least two months. Her body just couldn’t take it anymore. Her painful recovery made her realize that keeping up with the Kardashians is not as simple as it may seem. To date, she suffers from acute and persistent back pain as a result of her massive breast implants. She might need another surgery to relieve the pain or do away with the implants all together and for good.

Pamploma was inspired by the reality TV star Kylie Jenner who had her lip fillers removed to do the same. She had thought her lips looked too fake and just wanted them to look natural again. These lip fillers are removed by injecting medication that dissolves the particles used in the fillers. Then the area generally goes back to the normal state.

The downside to removing implants is that when you are finally back to your ordinary self, you might not like your look. Pamploma ultimately ended up unhappy it seems… what she saw after the removal is not what she was used to seeing everyday when she woke up. However she notes that some may be having a change of spirit and it is possible that people may be smartening up. At a certain point, you don’t have to think about your body any more, you are thinking about your soul.

Dr. Stephan Baker, a Florida based and experienced plastic surgeon confirms that some facial procedures are diminishing in value. When patients come in for liposuctions, they don’t want to leave feeling like they have been stung by bumble bees. They want it keep it simple leaving with the least amount of pain possible while remaining comfortable.

Social media platforms are also playing their part by shedding light on some of the worst cases of implants gone wrong. This is considerably raising awareness on the adverse effects due to selective surgery implants and injectables. But in between the wavering aesthetics and warnings, what is the fate of the women who have already boarded the train?

54 year old Nicole Daruda had a lumpectomy (the surgical removal of a discrete portion or “lump” of breast tissue) at the age of 26 when she was just five months pregnant. This left her partially lopsided, so she decided to fix her perceptively flawed chest at the age of 41. Plastic surgery looks so natural on famous TV personalities she thought. She was not going for the full blown Khloe or Kim Kardashian look… so how bad could it be? A GoFundMe was setup for her in May 2017 and it hit the $15,000 goal to help her out!

nicole daruda

After her surgery, Daruda was left battling thyroid and kidney issues. Her fatigue was so intense that she had to quit her job and she was basically stuck in bed for months trying to recover. It wasn’t until she experienced local symptoms of swelling and complications with her lymph nodes that the doctors concluded; her suffering was due to the breast implants. Before her surgery she was perfectly healthy. But now, she has lost more than a decade of her life all at the cost of these cosmetic breast implants.

Although medical communities do not recognize breast implant illnesses as a formal diagnosis, Daruda is a Canadian activist and her Facebook page helps to share information connecting breast implant procedures to risky autoimmune infections. Silicone implants can lead to the development of melanoma, lymphoma rheumatoid arthritis and even cause stillbirths.

A California based Newport Beach plastic surgeon argues that, theoretically, these conditions make perfect sense. Every time you introduce something foreign into your body (anything that you are not born with), a giant cell reaction with chronic inflammation can occur so that the body can get rid of the foreign particles.

Daruda had her breast implants removed in 2103 which helped her solved a burden of health issues. Aging is a process that must occur in the body and sometimes it can be reversible or irreversible. Daruda still shares her story on her Facebook page which has influenced hundreds of women against unnecessary surgical implants. At the time of this writing, the page has over 56,000 members! Some women will go to any lengths to alter how they look without caring how unhealthy the process is or what substances are being shoved into their bodies. Daruda says in so many words that no particular part of your body should represent how beautiful you are. We think her message is that life itself is beautiful and we should “play the cards we are dealt”.

Getting to know about these survivor stories can extensively encourage people to accept themselves the way they are. This is certainly a problem that can be avoided. Dr. Baker acknowledges surgery shows like Botched, news articles and social media provide a platform where individuals can learn about and discuss the hazards and effects of these types of procedures. The effects of these procedures may become very long-term long after the recovery stage subsides.

36 year old former model Anivia Cruz can testify to this truth. After sharing her negative experience on BET’s show, Kill Curves, she receives daily messages on her social media accounts. These messages are women who are going through the same issues and even worse. Cruz says that sometimes the messages break her down into tears.

Anivia Cruz was born and raised with a hormonal deficiency syndrome. Her figure, which she particular describes as “particularly straight”, had her on injections way back in 2006 before the first show of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” was aired. The Georgia based motivational speaker admits that she had insecurities with her body shape, which encouraged her to get butt injections.

Cruz shed tears when she first saw her results. She could not believe that the body she hated so much was now something that she looked at and fell in love with. The addiction kicked in right away. From there on, she wanted more…

It was not after two years later in 2008 that she sensed something was wrong with her back-side area. Now that we’ve fast forwarded 2 more years, she had gone through multiple more enhancement procedures. “I felt like someone had stabbed me with a long needle”, Cruz said. One day, the pain suddenly brought her down to her knees. It started increasing and recurring periodically. “I woke up to find my butt rock hard. I could not even pinch my skin or lift it”.

In the following years, gravitational force dragged some of the implanted materials down to her upper legs. This also led to discoloration of her skin along with some lumps. That is when she started experiencing pain so severe that she couldn’t live without prescription pain killers and other pills. The pain was because of swollen scar tissue from the procedures. Sometimes this also itched so severely that she would bruise or tear her skin when consistently scratching.

Now fast forwarding another 8 years, Anivia Cruz used a body scrub that made all of this even worse. She developed severe wounds on her butt which would not heal. They then progressed to large holes which she sometimes covered using menstrual pads. These pads also helped her avoid other infections. At the time she recalls, more than nine doctors refused to treat her. They didn’t know how to handle her case because they had never experienced any case like hers before.

Dr. Baker explains that foreign substances can spread and contribute to scar tissue throughout the infected area. Removing all of these tissues can leave behind a contour since dead tissues are pulled out from different regions of the buttocks. “I’ve seen patients who are pretty unhappy and sad, and you can’t really fix it.”, he says.

Now during the fall of 2016, Cruz went through 8 corrective surgeries that lasted for several days. She had to remove all the dead cells, dead skin and foreign injected materials out of her system. After the whole experience, she had lost nearly 50% of her booty. It is hard to imagine how she lived through all of this. Many people have heard Anivia’s story and refer to her as a hero. Especially those who had their plans for implants cancelled after watching her show. Cruz says “Oh my goodness, my body looks terrible. But I’m happy I’m alive.” She says the pain has finally subsided but her body is permanently deformed.

The Academy of Plastic Surgeons does not keep a list of all customers who have had their implants done or removed over the decades. But you can bet your very last dollar that Cruz is not the only unhappy customer. Many consumers after getting their procedures done have disappointing results. They then have these procedures reversed. These reversal procedures many times lead to more devastating effects.

Dr. Baker confirms that it is perfectly reasonable when people try to emulate TV stars and how they behave. This is because they are admired and objectified. What he does is advise his patients against unrealistic expectations and provides them with a more realistic outcome. In the end after all the procedures, you may look in the mirror or at photos and realize that you’re not as happy as you thought you’d be.

He also says that the longer the patients live with their implants, the unhappier they will be. A majority hate how it looks after natural aging. When you are still young with elastic skin, you can undergo procedures and feel healthy. But if you stretch out your skin with over augmentation, aging can lead to sagging, dimples and numerous undesirable outcomes.

Unfortunately it is not until people see star influencers and celebs age out or suffer from permanent damage due to their enhancements that they begin to take caution before seeking out cosmetic procedures. “The system corrects the pendulum with time.” Dr. Baker argues. When trends start becoming devastating, people will run in the opposite direction. This is precisely the case with silicone implants in many cases. However many people will continue to go to the doctor seeking butt injections, breast implants, lip fillers etc. They’ll normally refer to their favorite stars when selecting which procedure they want so cite an example of the look they’re after. This trend will never stop but perhaps it will tone-down.

As time passes and word gets out, fewer women are thinking about changing how they look. The American culture of a curvy body and bigger butt is unique, but not necessary if it will cost you your life and well being. Little can be done about the ones that have already undergone these procedures. We hope that as technology advances, more can be done for all of these wonderful people just going for a different look…

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